Why You Should Hire Veterans for Your Farm

WorkHorse Hub November 11, 2017

From the streets of Baghdad to Regina, the jungles of the Congo to the rainforest coastal regions of British Columbia, or the Baltic Sea to the waters of the Maritimes. Our Canadian Armed Forces risk their lives every day to keep us and people all around the world safe and free.

They are some of the bravest, hardest working, and selfless men and women on this planet. Yet when their tours of duty are done, they return home to Canada and can’t find work or don’t know where to start.

The problem is, when many of us think of veterans, we think about those who served in World War I and II. In reality, veterans these days are in many cases still young, the average age of retirement in the Canadian forces is 46 years old which means people have returned from serving in the military and are now looking for a way to serve their community closer to home.

So this Remembrance Day, not only should we pay tribute, thank and remember the sacrifices of those who have and currently serve our country, but we also want to help support these heroes and their families in a practical way. There is a huge opportunity to fill the labour gap in agriculture. We at WorkHorse are committed to people in ag. One of the ways we do that is through the support of our heroes finding a career after their service. These are just a few reasons why a career in agriculture is a good fit.

Veterans Have Skills that Transfer to Agriculture

Farmers and other agriculture-based employers are looking for job seekers with industry experience. The problem is, we all already know that there aren’t enough job seekers to meet the demand and there will be even less in five years.

We need to expand our thinking in agriculture  and look to other industries for job seekers with the important soft-skills needed for their jobs rather than whether someone has operated a combine during harvest before. Veterans bring many valuable attributes that can directly apply to working on a farm including discipline, work ethic, time management, problem solving, team work, organizational skills, and many more.

Veterans are an Eager Workforce

Veterans Affairs Minister Kent Hehr estimates that there are over 200,000 former Armed Forces members living in Western Canada alone and "While not all of these individuals are looking for new careers, we know that many of them are."

Many more are in a career that doesn’t utilize their skills or compensate them to the level they should. They leave the hyper-structured military environment and no longer have the support network and team that they are used to. The farm environment can often provide that: a team striving towards the same goal, working in high-pressure scenarios and accomplishing great things together.

Veterans Give Back

Consider that many of them have spent years in harsh conditions, in foreign lands, without their families, and risking their lives for their country and the citizens that live there. What they have done is the epitome of selfless and for the greater good.

Now take a look at the general narrative in agriculture at the moment. We need to feed the world. And the world’s population is going to increase by unprecedented amounts by 2050. Oh, and there aren’t nearly enough people that want to work in the industry to grow all that food.

Doesn’t this sound like a big hairy audacious mission that any veteran could look at and see the parallels in? They and their families can help feed their communities and the world while working in an environment that looks at least somewhat familiar.

Still not convinced? Chat with us more about it! We want our technology to help facilitate more veterans working in agriculture, and if the above is right we are going to start a revolution that will help solve one of the major problems in Canadian agriculture, the labour shortage, all while giving these courageous men and women a clear next step in their careers.


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