Why Work In Agriculture?

WorkHorse Hub February 13, 2018

Happy Canadian Agriculture Day WorkHorses ☺

At WorkHorse we are passionate about sharing stories and opportunities in agriculture because we believe there is no industry where you can make more of a difference to your family, community and planet than in agriculture.

So we reached out to farmers and influencers in agriculture from far and wide and asked them why they work in the industry that feeds, clothes and fuels the world.

Farmer Megz

Website | @farmermegzz 

My passion for agriculture stems from how I define it. To me Agriculture is life; when I plant my crop I am bringing that seed to life, I am nurturing it, harvesting it and in turn it becomes a food source to sustain life. It is the life I choose to raise my family in and it is the medium in which I choose to share my story and connect to the world. Agriculture is so important because it is vital to our very existence and it is such an honour to be a farmer and to be a steward of land and life.

Jenni Tilton-Flood

Website | @jtiltonflood

I wasn’t born a farmer, but I was born to be one. I took the long way ‘round to finally find my way to be in a barn, on a tractor, in the field, and on a farm. To be a farmer. I could have been anything else in the world, and I certainly gave that a try but I am right where I belong. If I had wanted cleaner shoes I would have chosen another path but if I hadn’t chosen agriculture then I wouldn’t be putting good food on my neighbours’ tables, our way of life wouldn’t be the way we make our living, and I wouldn’t be who I was born to be.

Trent Meyer

Website | @trentmeyerag

I started to work in agriculture because I needed a job. Not growing up in the industry, I did not set out to end up in here. When I got here I found an industry that rewards passion, innovation, and hard work. Agriculture gave me a career to be proud of, and the opportunity to offer the same to many others. It continues to take me around the world and introduces me to some of the most amazing people. That is why I work in Ag.

Michelle Miller


As a city girl I used to spend thousands of dollars on groceries thinking that I had to buy hormone-free chicken, organic produce etc. But after moving to the farm and learning first-hand about how our food is grown it has led to a passion for helping people to understand their food better and reduce the fear people have about the food industry which has been a challenging but rewarding experience.

Tim Hammerich

Website | @timhammerich  

Agriculture started as a way I could connect with my father. Then I got hooked on the entrepreneurial aspect of producing something and selling it for a profit. In high school I raised hogs, goats, and ducks to sell directly to ethnic consumers. Then agriculture became a true passion of mine. I’ve dedicated my career to attracting and retaining talent in agribusiness. There’s a mix of humility, optimism, practicality, and respect in ag that I have never seen in any other industry. This makes it not only the most essential industry, but the most enjoyable one to spend a career.

Lesley Kelly

Website | @lesleyraekelly 

To me, if I had to sum up why I work in agriculture, it’s about family, pride, hard work and resiliency and love. With being on the farm, my children learn values that can’t be taught in school and will last a lifetime. With my family around working together, I feel at home, part of a team and working towards something bigger than myself. Farming creates close family ties that make our lives rich in so many ways. We take great pride in giving back to Mother Nature and ensuring we are taking care of our resources as we are thankful for what they have given us and the pride that comes with growing food that so many others eat at their dinner table. Agriculture has taught me that hard work brings opportunities you couldn't imagine were possible and that it can get you through some of the most challenging times.  Also, to me agriculture is about love. If we didn’t do what we loved every day, we wouldn’t be here. It’s the love of what we do and who we do it with. It’s in our blood and what we were meant to do and I am where I am supposed to be. Farming and agriculture have made everything possible for me.


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