Why Veterans and Agriculture Jobs are a Perfect Fit

WorkHorse Hub November 17, 2017

Imagine there’s this job.

A job where you can work as part of a team and broader community in the effort to feed the world.

A job that allows you a quiet, family friendly lifestyle.

A job that requires many of your hard-earned skills.

Not only do such jobs exist, but they are in an industry in desperate need of more skilled workers. Agriculture in Canada and around the world is an industry that can be ready made for Canadian Armed Forces and their spouses after their military careers are at an end. Here’s why.

The Ag Community

The military is a tight-knit community with a consistent culture. You’ve got your friend’s back and vice versa. Agriculture is similar. It may be spread out, but it is interconnected. Farmers will support each other, whether it’s a neighbour or a community half way across the globe.

Farmers are focused on one common mission: growing their food as efficiently as possible in order to provide for a growing global population. They can’t do it by themselves. In order to feed the world, they need your assistance.

Rural Living

Many veterans already live in rural communities all across Canada, and you likely have lived in rural areas during your time in the military.  And the close, supportive communities and people of rural Canada is the perfect place to raise a family.

You and your spouses may both find work in agriculture, or one may find work in the rural community. And the nature of the work is another big plus for you to consider: working the land as part of a like-minded team can be a great environment for your physical and mental wellbeing.

Transferrable Skills

Here’s the best part. The jobs within agriculture that we are suggesting are well within you and your spouse’s existing skill set. You might have to learn the industry, but you’ve already got what it takes to succeed in it!

Skills like teamwork, equipment operation and maintenance, driving, leading people, problem solving, and working in a wide variety of conditions are all needed in agriculture jobs. During planting and harvest, things ramp up in agriculture and it requires a lot of hard work in a compressed time frame. We work hard and play hard.

Not only can a job in agriculture be a perfect fit for you and your family, but with WorkHorse Hub it has never been easier to find that job. Let WorkHorse Hub’s matching technology put you in front of the employers and send you the jobs that best suit your skills and wants.

The WorkHorse team is committed to helping veterans and their family find a fulfilling next step of their career. Thank you for your service. Now let us help you.

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