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Why hiring a farm laborer isn’t so simple anymore

WorkHorse Hub August 22, 2019

Finding an employee in any industry is hard. However, the ag industry is a unique one. Factors such as mechanical and technical skills, seasonal work and expensive consequences for equipment operation errors make it difficult for employers in this sector to find quality employees. It can often feel like searching for a unicorn!


Not all that long ago, you could post a job ad in the classifieds of your local newspaper and have applicants coming to your doorstep. Today, it’s a different story. 


Now employers have to get creative when searching for their next employee. Put yourself in the shoes of a job seeker and try to imagine how they might go about searching for a job. Still stumped? Check out our advice below!


One job ad isn’t enough

The internet has changed the recruiting game with thousands of job board sites, social media, and various other solution providers. Studies show that job seekers use up to 16 different sources when looking for their next position! If you think posting your job ad on one site will do the trick, you might want to think again. At WorkHorse we spare you the work and do this for you.


Brag a little

It’s a job seekers market with an abundance of opportunities available. What makes yours stand out? Do you offer a unique perk such as accommodations or guaranteed weekends off? Make sure to include this in your job ad as well as some information about your farm so an employee can get a feel for the company they are joining! For some inspiration check out our blog on creating a job ad that gets results


Get social

Social media is a powerful tool that we utilize here at WorkHorse. The success stories that come from it always amazes us! With about 94% of Canadians on at least one social media platform, why would you not use it? We highly suggest researching a few Facebook groups or pages in your area that you can post share your job ad on.


Train, train, train

Ag equipment today comes with a hefty price tag and you don’t want just anyone hopping in there to operate it. Finding an employee who is already 100% experienced in this area is slim therefore you should probably expect to train a few employees. It’s best to lay out a plan on the key tasks they need to know. Take them through each aspect and ensure they feel comfortable in asking questions now as well as in the coming weeks. Initial training and ongoing training are vital for success. 


As you can see, the hiring game has become a complicated process over the last few years. Stay patient, keep an open mind and you can expect to see a positive return!


Have you had to change your hiring practices over the last few years?
Tell us how in the comments.

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