Why Hiring Foreign Workers for Your Business is Easier Than You Think

WorkHorse Hub October 25, 2018
When it comes to hiring workers for your agricultural business, undoubtedly your most important concern is finding a well-qualified, candidate that is a great fit for the position.
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How Agriculture Feeds the World

WorkHorse Hub March 26, 2018
It won’t take you long while talking to an agricultural advocate, a farmer or just checking in on the agricultural discussions on Twitter to hear the phrase “agriculture feeds the world.”
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Tips for Managing the Safety of Older Generations on Your Farm

WorkHorse Hub March 14, 2018
Traditionally, generations work together on many farming operations. The wisdom and experience of past generations can be invaluable.  In the past, farming was smaller in scale and less technologically complex, and the pace seemed a bit slower than it is today.. But there always comes a hard time when the producer and their management team must
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How Your Farm Can Save Time & Money This Planting Season

WorkHorse Hub March 7, 2018
Spring is coming.
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How to Set Yourself Apart in Your Job Hunt: Farm Experience Can Help

WorkHorse Hub February 28, 2018
The job market is so competitive across nearly every industry. Everyone has a degree at minimum and so the challenge of standing out in a sea of people has never been bigger.
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Why Work In Agriculture?

WorkHorse Hub February 13, 2018
Happy Canadian Agriculture Day WorkHorses ☺
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Ag Stories: Kim Anderson

WorkHorse Hub February 8, 2018
As a kid growing up on a mixed cattle and grain farm I got to see life come into the world many times - it really is quite a moment that not just anyone gets to experience these days! I rode on an open air combine with my grandpa, baked daily from scratch with my grandma and truly appreciated the importance of family. From working alongside my
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How To Find a Job & Immigrate to Canada From Mexico

WorkHorse Hub January 4, 2018
Have you ever dreamed of skiing down the slopes of the Rocky Mountains? Or skating with your friends on the neighbourhood ice rink? Or maybe you are a family guy who wants to give his children access to one of the best education systems in the world? Canada has so much to offer but a key step in coming to live in this country is finding a job.
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Always Be Looking for Talented People

WorkHorse Hub December 18, 2017
“A company’s employees are its greatest asset.” – Sir Richard Branson The amount of effort, time and money that goes into finding, hiring and retaining the right people for companies is enormous. The right person can turn around a quarter, improve efficiencies and raise the morale of a department. But that right person is not easy to find. People
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Organic Dairy Farm Visit

WorkHorse Hub November 28, 2017
The jobs and locales in Canadian agriculture are as diverse and exciting as the country itself. Curious to know what a typical day on an organic dairy farm looks like? Vancouver city boy and new agvocate Caleb Cousens heads to the nation’s capital to get his hands dirty and show you how to milk cows in the 21st century in this episode of You In Ag
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Why Veterans and Agriculture Jobs are a Perfect Fit

WorkHorse Hub November 17, 2017
Imagine there’s this job.
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Why You Should Hire Veterans for Your Farm

WorkHorse Hub November 11, 2017
From the streets of Baghdad to Regina, the jungles of the Congo to the rainforest coastal regions of British Columbia, or the Baltic Sea to the waters of the Maritimes. Our Canadian Armed Forces risk their lives every day to keep us and people all around the world safe and free.
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Resources for Agricultural Producers: TEPAP

WorkHorse Hub November 8, 2017
At WorkHorse Hub we love big thinkers and entrepreneurs in agriculture. Our founders are two such innovators who are out to work with others to solve the HR and labour problem in agriculture in Canada and worldwide.
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Agriculture Contractors: How WorkHorse Can Generate Leads for Your Business

WorkHorse Hub November 3, 2017
It is one of the hardest parts of building a business.
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From 12 Weeks to 5: How To Cut Your Hiring Process In Half

WorkHorse Hub October 24, 2017
 Your agribusiness is constantly growing, changing, and adapting to industry needs. Having the right labour force in place makes a world of difference in the success of your business, but keeping up with these necessary changes to your operation’s labour needs is tedious.
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Work & Travel In Canada

WorkHorse Hub October 17, 2017
It’s the dream.
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Employer Spotlight: Hebert Grain Ventures

WorkHorse Hub October 13, 2017
Employer Name: Hebert Grain Ventures
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How To Create a Job Ad

WorkHorse Hub October 5, 2017
You desperately need to fill a job position, but you do not have the slightest idea of how to write something that will attract the right talent.
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Career Profiles: Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanic

WorkHorse Hub September 26, 2017
Agricultural Equipment Mechanics aka AgTechs are one of the most in-demand skill-sets in the Agriculture industry at the moment. Job seekers can expect lucrative compensation packages and a wide range of rural and urban opportunities in a variety of working environments.  If you want options this could be the career for you!
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