From 12 Weeks to 5: How To Cut Your Hiring Process In Half

WorkHorse Hub October 24, 2017
Your agribusiness is constantly growing, changing, and adapting. Keeping up with the changes to your operations labour needs can be stressful and time-consuming.  Having the right labour force in place can make a world of difference to the success of your business. At WorkHorse, whether it's a short-term seasonal contract or a permanent full-time
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Work & Travel In Canada

WorkHorse Hub October 17, 2017
It’s the dream.
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Employer Spotlight: Hebert Grain Ventures

WorkHorse Hub October 13, 2017
Employer Name: Hebert Grain Ventures
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How To Create a Job Ad

WorkHorse Hub October 5, 2017
You desperately need to fill a job position, but you do not have the slightest idea of how to write something that will attract the right talent.
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Career Profiles: Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanic

WorkHorse Hub September 26, 2017
Agricultural Equipment Mechanics aka AgTechs are one of the most in-demand skill-sets in the Agriculture industry at the moment. Job seekers can expect lucrative compensation packages and a wide range of rural and urban opportunities in a variety of working environments.  If you want options this could be the career for you!
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5 Minutes to Your Next Career

WorkHorse Hub September 25, 2017
We have all been there.
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New thinking required as agriculture industry growth challenged by access to labour

WorkHorse Hub August 21, 2017
The agriculture industry in Canada welcomed the recent announcement of major investments to support export growth and sector innovation by Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Lawrence MacAulay. The funding will help advance “climate smart agriculture” and innovations in research and development and technology. The agri-food sector is indeed a
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How to Farm Oysters

WorkHorse Hub August 9, 2017
The jobs and locales in Canadian agriculture are as diverse and exciting as the country itself. Curious to know what a typical day on an Oyster farm and processing plant looks like? Vancouver city boy and new agvocate Caleb Cousens gets his hands dirty and will show you how to farm oysters in this episode of You In Ag at Macs Oysters Ltd.
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