Employer Spotlight: Hebert Grain Ventures

WorkHorse Hub October 13, 2017

Employer Name: Hebert Grain Ventures

Employer Type: 11,000 acre farm

Number of Employees: 5-10

Location: Fairlight, Saskatchewan

At HGV we believe that our people and their skills, talents and work ethics are the most valuable assets we have.

Smart, hardworking people are priceless to any organization and that is why we are always advertising jobs on workhorsehub.ca, even when there isn’t a position available at the moment. If the right person applies we will create a role for him or her to join and contribute to the team.

Our current employees have come from all over and only one of our four full-timers has any previous ag experience. They have come from the oil and gas, logging industries, they have experience working with heavy equipment and one has even come over from New Zealand for further agricultural experience. It is all about a skill-set rather than specific ag experience.

Our employees are also of all ages. Of course we would all love to have hard-working experienced farmers and equipment operators but there just aren’t enough of us left. But young people today provide farms with a new opportunity. Millennials adapt quickly to technology and are not afraid of challenging the status quo. Their input can help improve processes on the farm which can positively impact the bottom line. Working with younger generations has been a breath of fresh air.

This is the way of the future. Employers in agriculture need to look beyond our neighbourhood to finding transferable skill-sets from other industries as well as committing to training and onboarding new employees with less ag experience.

Agriculture has a lot to offer job seekers from other sectors and industries and many are looking for a change! Our people strategy here at HGV has been one of our keys to success in this fast changing industry and we will continue looking on workhorsehub.ca for employees that fit our needs.

Work With Hebert Grain Ventures:

Lead Operator

Heavy Duty Mechanic



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