Why hiring a farm laborer isn’t so simple anymore

WorkHorse Hub August 22, 2019
Finding an employee in any industry is hard. However, the ag industry is a unique one. Factors such as mechanical and technical skills, seasonal work and expensive consequences for equipment operation errors make it difficult for employers in this sector to find quality employees. It can often feel like searching for a unicorn!
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Four Tips to Acing Your Next Ag Interview

WorkHorse Hub August 13, 2019
You’ve landed an interview, congrats! Now that you have your foot in the door (probably due to a great resume!) it's time to stand out from the other candidates. 
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How to Overcome the Challenges in Agricultural HR

WorkHorse Hub June 3, 2019
So, it’s time to hire a new employee. For some, this process is exciting as the opportunity of adding a great person should be! While on the other hand, many view this task as daunting. From creating the job description to interviewing, it can be a cumbersome process. Many struggle to execute on the steps to finding a pool of candidates then
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A step-by-step blueprint to finding the best farm jobs in Canada

WorkHorse Hub April 23, 2019
It’s time for a change. So, you want to find a new farm job, but where do you begin? Finding a new job shouldn’t feel overwhelming. If you’re looking for farm jobs in Canada, you’ve made a good choice! Agriculture accounts for 8% of Canada’s GDP, and currently employs over 300,000 workers.
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A poultry farm guide to finding and hiring the best labor [+ 3 MUST see tips!]

WorkHorse Hub April 23, 2019
Not all farms are created equal. Your poultry farm has unique needs compared to other types of farms, especially when it comes to finding and hiring the best labor. This diversity is explained through recent data that shows there are 233,770 poultry farms in the United States, and involve not only chicken production, but turkeys, eggs, as well as
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Five tips to acquiring the ag job you want

WorkHorse Hub March 26, 2019
When it comes to finding your next job, it isn’t always a one way street. There are two parties involved in this process: employers and employees. In order to make this as smooth and simple as possible both must be on the same page. Not sure what we mean by this? Read on to find out!
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A complete guide to hiring and staffing a cattle farm in the digital age

WorkHorse Hub March 11, 2019
Let’s face it. Staffing a cattle farm today is a whole different ball game than what the generation before us experienced. The digital age brought opportunities and challenges.
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A farm labor contractor vs employee: What farmers need to know

WorkHorse Hub February 14, 2019
Your farm is growing, and it’s time to hire more help. The big question is, should it be a farm labor contractor or an employee? First, it’s important to understand the difference.
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The comprehensive guide to finding careers in agriculture

WorkHorse Hub February 12, 2019
 It’s an exciting time to be searching for a career in agriculture. The industry is growing, and an abundance of jobs are open. Innovation and new technology also have agriculture on the cutting edge as it continues to expand and grow.
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Agriculture HR trends to watch in 2019

WorkHorse Hub January 17, 2019
Human resources (HR) are a challenge in any industry. Agriculture adds layers of complexity to HR challenges because of the nuances and attributes that distinguish us from other industries. Long hours, hazardous duty jobs, and physical labor all contribute to challenges your ag business will face with HR.
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Everything a farmer needs to know about migrant farm workers

WorkHorse Hub December 19, 2018
It’s no secret that finding labor for your farm can be a challenge. Labor-intensive products, including fruits and vegetables, are dependent on reliable labor that must be available during the short window of time when products need to be harvested.
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How to create a farm resume employers can't ignore (+ free template)

WorkHorse Hub December 17, 2018
You’re ready to look for your first, or next, job. Congratulations! A resume will be needed, no matter what type of job you apply for.
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Finding the Best Ag Workers for Your Farm

WorkHorse Hub November 13, 2018
Labor. It’s one of the biggest headaches of owning a farm. Small, mid-size, and large operations are all challenged by labor, primarily finding and keeping employees. It’s a fact that as farmers, we must evolve our thinking when it comes to attracting and hiring employees.
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The Secret to a Happy Life Is Working on a Farm

WorkHorse Hub November 9, 2018
So you want to change careers? There’s a country song by Faith Hill called “The Secret of Life” and the premise of the song is that the secret of life isn’t a secret at all; it’s the simple things.
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Why Hiring Foreign Workers for Your Business is Easier Than You Think

WorkHorse Hub October 25, 2018
When it comes to hiring workers for your agricultural business, undoubtedly your most important concern is finding a well-qualified, candidate that is a great fit for the position.
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The rise of ag careers and how to know if it's right for you

WorkHorse Hub October 15, 2018
We know that agriculture is an exciting field with a growing number of opportunities. A challenge is that we need to feed 9 billion people by 2050. Talented people in a variety of ag careers are essential to meet this need.
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The ultimate guide to finding ranch hand work

WorkHorse Hub October 8, 2018
Max graduated from college with a degree in livestock management and was ready for the thrill of his first real job. He knew he wanted to work outdoors in the ranching industry, and longed for the opportunity to see new areas of North America.
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LMIA 101: Hiring International Job Seekers

WorkHorse Hub October 1, 2018
Agriculture has come a long way from its early primitive days, manifesting itself as an industry on the cutting edge of new technologies and innovations.
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How Agriculture Feeds the World

WorkHorse Hub March 26, 2018
It won’t take you long while talking to an agricultural advocate, a farmer or just checking in on the agricultural discussions on Twitter to hear the phrase “agriculture feeds the world.”
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